All-the-time mobile connectivity

(Same mission, different name. We changed our name from Ubiquitilink to Lynk.)

The world’s 5.2 billion mobile phone users pay more than $1 trillion a year for mobile phone service. Yet on average, at any given time, about 750 million phone owners have no connectivity because they live, work or travel outside the range of a cell tower. Another 2.5 billion people don’t have phones, many because they lack affordable connectivity. The economics of cell towers makes it cost prohibitive to expand into remote areas lacking coverage, whether it’s in rural North America, South-East Asia, Latin America, or Africa.

By being able to charge existing customers a little more for service outside the range of terrestrial towers, the world’s mobile network operators could generate an extra $150 billion in new revenue. And global coverage will create an additional $250 billion in revenue from new customers in remote areas who don’t currently have mobile phones. That $400 billion is a 40 percent revenue increase for the world’s 800 mobile network operators (MNOs).

Our service will require no capital expenditure by MNOs and will work with existing network infrastructure. By operating as a global shared roaming provider, the Lynk service will allow a phone to shift seamlessly from a terrestrial tower to a satellite and back to a tower when one is again available.

Truly Global Coverage = $400B TAM


Global (10x area, 100% of time) Coverage for Existing Subs = $150B/year
New Potential Subs (those w/o a phone from lack of coverage) = ~$250B/year