Saving lives, fostering economic growth and protecting resources

(Same mission, different name. We changed our name from Ubiquitilink to Lynk.)

People die every day because they can’t reach help in an emergency. The Lynk network will create universal connectivity, anywhere in the world, anytime. We also will provide free emergency texting, free emergency broadcast warnings, and free communications for first responders after a disaster—anywhere in the world. The network will also help locate victims using phone-based GPS and help developing countries create disaster and pandemic resiliency. When a hurricane, earthquake, fire, tornado, or tsunami takes out the phone network, our system will provide instant backup to emergency responders.

In remote communities, mobile connectivity will foster economic growth, giving rural farmers access to markets and to information that can help them increase productivity. For fishermen, mobile communications will provide both a safety net and data about the market for their daily catch. Phone signals will also allow authorities to track illegal fishing in exclusion zones or to receive reports of pirates or emergencies.

Connecting the Lynk network to devices in remote areas will allow monitoring of water supplies, energy equipment, and wildlife migration. Our global service can broadcast warnings to isolated people across large regions to prepare for tsunamis, blizzards, hurricanes or fires.

In the near future, nobody should ever die because they have a phone in their pocket, but no connectivity. The Lynk network will enable everyone with a mobile phone to stay connected, everywhere.