Mobile Connectivity for the World

(Same mission, different name. We changed our name from Ubiquitilink to Lynk.)

Lynk has built the first cell tower in space. Soon, everyone in the world will be connected, everywhere, with just the phone in their pocket. No new hardware required. No new software needed. The Lynk network will enable everyone with a standard mobile phone to stay connected … everywhere.

Today, only about 25 percent of the world’s landmass is served by cell towers. The rest of the land—and all of the world’s oceans—have no coverage.

  • The 5.2 billion people with mobile phones often have no service because they are outside the range of a cell tower.

  • Another 2.5 billion people, many in remote areas without cellular networks, don’t even have a mobile phone.

  • When disaster strikes, first responders are frequently hampered by inoperable terrestrial communications.

This is about to change. Lynk is creating a global constellation of satellites to connect the phones in our pockets anywhere on the planet, all of the time.


“We have built the world’s first “cell tower in space”, and proven the fundamental technology to connect a satellite to a standard unmodified phone on Earth.”

—Charles Miller, Co-founder and CEO, Lynk

Lynk’s technology will allow wireless carriers to connect existing cellphone customers to each other, anywhere on the planet. In the near future, you will have one device, and one plan, for connectivity everywhere.

More than 30 companies, including twenty-four mobile network operators representing 1.5 billion customers, have signed up to test our service. They see the opportunity to provide a transformative service to their customers.

We will improve the lives of communities around the globe by bridging the digital divide. We will connect the unconnected. We will help save tens of thousands of lives each year with everywhere everyone emergency communications.